ETFCU’s new Main Office and Administration Building is now open!

This 82,500 square foot, state-of-the-art facility features more than three times the retail space. The new Main Office and Administration Building includes additional teller windows, plus exciting self-service technology.


Interactive Teller Machines

Save time by skipping the line! Our new ITMs enable you to conduct most of the same transactions you can perform on the teller line.

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Insert and remove your card to use the machine like an ATM, including cash withdrawals, transfers, or cash and check deposits. Or if you prefer, simply tap the screen to be connected with a member service agent. These friendly employees can assist you with most transactions, from basic to advanced.

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Two ITMs are located in the lobby area, and another can be found across from the stairs.

Palm Scanners

Our cutting-edge palm scanners offer the fastest and most secure way for our employees to locate your account information.

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Enroll your palm print with an ETFCU employee to begin. Once you’re enrolled, simply tap the screen and place your palm on the scanner when you step up to the teller line. Your account information will be pulled up right away!

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Palm scanners are available at all teller stations and other locations throughout the lobby.

Interactive Rate Boards

Explore up-to-date rates for loans, checking accounts, certificates, and more. Plus learn more about ETFCU products and services.

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Simply touch the screens to navigate. You will find more than just rates on these boards, including great information about ETFCU products and services!

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Use one of our two interactive rate boards located on either side of the lobby.

Technology Stations

The new Main Office offers technology stations–featuring tablets, phones, and even PCs–where you can explore ETFCU services, either on your own or with employee assistance.

Explore ETFCU

The immersive new Explore ETFCU area, located next to the coffee bar, allows you to learn more about or even apply for the credit union’s products and services.

Appointment Scheduling

It’s easy to open your new ETFCU account online. If you prefer to open an account at an ETFCU office location, you can reserve a time by scheduling an appointment. Now available for all ETFCU offices!

Main Office

4401 Theater Drive
Evansville, IN 47715
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