IBM Security

Today, protecting your finances also means protecting your home computer.

That’s why ETFCU has partnered with IBM to offer online security software at no cost to our members. Trusteer Rapport is powerful software that helps prevent malware and phishing attacks which are the root cause of most financial fraud.

You Don’t Have Enough Online Security. But You Should.

Malware and phishing can allow cyber criminals to access your computer, account numbers and personal information.
See how IBM’s Trusteer Rapport software works.

Online Security Software that Works Hard to Protect You.

Works alongside your current security software, increasing your protection and decreasing your susceptibility to criminal behavior, protecting you from threats your anti-virus cannot. IBM’s software verifies that you’re connected to the credit union’s actual website and creates a secure line of communication.

Easy to Use. Won’t Slow You Down.

Trusteer Rapport takes just minutes to download and install. It runs in the background so your computer tasks continue completely uninterrupted. Once installed, a small arrow icon will appear next to your browser’s address bar, changing color to let you know when it’s working.

Software Install Help

How to install: Windows


Trusteer Rapport Installation Wizard

To view these instructions as a video tutorial, click here.

  1. A dialog window will appear asking you to allow any RapportSetup or RapportService programs. Click “OK”.
  2. The Rapport Setup wizard welcome window will appear, asking your permission to click “Continue” in order to start the installation of the new Rapport version. You can view the license agreement by scrolling down. Select the “I’ve read and agreed with Trusteer End User License Agreement” box to confirm that you have read and agree with the license agreement. Choose “Install” in order to start the installation process.
  3. The installation wizard will start and it may take a few minutes. When the installation is complete a new window will appear. Click “Finish”.

If you have any difficulties, click here to view detail instructions for each browser.


How to install: Mac


Trusteer Rapport Installation

  1. Click Rapport.dmg to open the downloaded file.
  2. A folder containing two files will open. Double-click the Rapport.pkg file to begin the installation process.
  3. The Rapport Installer will open – follow the onscreen instructions.

If you have any difficulties, click here to view detail instructions for each browser.


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