Opportunity Checking

Are problems you had with a past checking account making it difficult to open an account now?

If so, take advantage of Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union’s Opportunity Checking program.

Opportunity Checking offers you a second chance to prove you can manage a checking account properly. This non-dividend earning account is subject to a monthly fee of $7.50 per month. You may apply to upgrade to our free Debit Rewards Checking account once you’ve maintained good standing with your Opportunity Checking account for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.

With Opportunity Checking, you will qualify for your choice of an ATM or debit card. You may apply for overdraft protection and our free direct deposit, online banking, and bill-pay services if you choose. There is no minimum balance requirement, and standard checking fees for non-sufficient funds, stop payments, etc. will apply.

Opportunity Checking features include:

  • No minimum balance requirement.
  • Access 24 hours a day from a touchtone phone or personal computer.
  • A debit rewards card to pay for purchases in place of writing a check or for use at an ATM.
  • You can earn rewards in our ScoreCard program when you use your debit rewards card.
  • Overdraft protection from savings or an overdraft protection loan.
  • Carbonless copies of each check written.
  • Preauthorized withdrawals for recurring payments.
  • Up to ten ATM withdrawals allowed per month at no charge.
  • No surcharges or fees imposed by ETFCU for the use of foreign ATMs (surcharges may be assessed by owners of foreign ATMs).
  • Deposits by payroll deduction, direct deposit, night depository, and many ATM locations.
  • Free online banking and electronic bill paying services.
  • Funds federally insured to $250,000 by the NCUA.
  • Free and discounted checks to senior members in the Silver Dollar Club.
  • One box of free checks to members under age 23.
  • Overdraft privilege service for qualified accounts.
  • Free online copies of your cleared checks.

ETFCU Offers Bank on Evansville Accounts

Bank on Evansville is a new program established by the City of Evansville in conjunction with the Federal Reserve, area community organizations, and financial organizations to provide affordable financial services for Evansville residents who have not had an account before or whose past checking history made it impossible for them to open a checking account.

Research has shown those who cash checks and pay bills using check cashing and money order services will save an average $800 per year with an account at a financial institution. In addition to reduced costs, the Bank on Evansville program will provide financial education and ensure account holders access to their money following an emergency such as a tornado, earthquake, or fire.

Bank on Evansville is based on a model that is spreading across the county and is the first program of its kind in Indiana. ETFCU is one of fifteen financial institutions participating in Bank on Evansville. For more information, visit www.BankOnEvansville.org or contact ETFCU.